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Mission Statement: To provide the best holistic veterinary care possible through the use of progressive, modern medicine and surgery.  To provide excellent communication and a compassion to our clients.  To treat each pet as if they were our own.  To expose ourselves to new techniques and information and provide continuing education to all of our staff.  To work as a team and treat each member with respect.
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  • Dr. Penny Jacobs, DVM

    Dr. Penny Jacobs graduated from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine in 2001. She started her veterinary career in Athens, Georgia and then decided to move to the great Northwest in 2007. She joined Berry Hill Veterinary Center in 2008 and completed the IVAS course in acupuncture soon after. This opened her eyes up to the world of alternative and complementary medicine which she has integrated into her already holistic approach. She has also studied and practices basic Chinese herbs and veterinary orthopedic manipulation (VOM). When she is not working she enjoys spending time with her own pets, hiking, biking, as well as her unusual hobby, trapeze.
  • Dr. Trish Roisum, DVM

    It is with much enthusiasm that Dr. Trish rings in 2013 by joining Berry Hill Veterinary Center.

    Dr. Trish started her career as a veterinarian working with companion animals, farm animals, and wildlife in a James Herriot-esque practice in rural southern Oregon. She cherishes those small town memories, the incredible adventures, and life altering experiences that laid the foundation for the veterinarian she is today. Her second position was in a busy small animal hospital in Olympia, Washington which was a period of incredible growth. She obtained her Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapist certification, allowing her to incorporate chiropractic care into her practice regime and started her path into complimentary medicine. This was followed by acupuncture training and integrating that modality into her practice offerings.

    Now Dr. Trish is thrilled to be able to practice alongside Dr. Penny who has similar beliefs, a strong western medicine background beautifully meshed with holistic practices including nutrition, acupuncture, herbs and supplements. She truly appreciates Berry Hill’s friendly environment, caring staff, and fantastic clientele.

    As a veterinarian, she loves discovering the best opportunity for healing. Dr. Trish appreciates, respects, honors, and celebrates the human animal bond. Her goal is to provide high quality veterinary care with clear communication in each situation.

    Dr. Trish’s family includes: her lovely partner Lee, who is her motivation for her move to Portland, Lavinia the Siamese plus sized model, Bert the best “Berter Collie” ever, Miss Qi Chihuahua a party in a dress, Shylo Amble the Leopard Tortoise, Sylvia the feline matriarch, and orange Oscar a perpetually surprised cat. Last but definitely not least, her family includes Thor, a Percheron, who is so very handsome, gentle, kind and strong.

    When she is not practicing veterinary medicine Dr. Trish hopes to explore the community, discovering places to do yoga, dance, meditate, hike, eat, laugh and learn.

    Dr. Trish looks forward to meeting you and your family, whether you are a new client or have been part of the Berry Hill community for years.

  • Dr Jess Cameron, DVM

  • Sionan Practice Manager

    Sionan is delighted to have joined the Berry Hill family in June  of 2014. She has been working in the veterinary field for longer than she likes to admit, having spent time in every role possible except as a Doctor. Prior to working as a Hospital Manager, she  has been a Certified Veterinary Technician in Oregon for about 10 years. She has seen a wide variety of practices, working up and down the east coast, the southwest, coastal Oregon and in Canada. Alongside her time spent in Animal Clinics, she enjoyed a professional ballet career for a number of years. An injury led to teaching and earning a Masters in Human Physiology. 

    When she's not working, she's busily collecting certifications in Pilates and other human movement techniques to help people recover from injuries and stay happily mobile as long as possible. She's also working towards her exam to become a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager. 

    To relax she and her husband try to see a ballet as often as possible or escape to the beach with their 2 awesome kitties, Mhallie and Finn. 
    She is always happy to meet  new or long standing members of our Berry Hill family. 
  • Alicia Certified Veterinary Technician

  • Rachael Veterinary Assistant

  • Misty Veterinary Assistant

    Misty is a unique individual who has unconditional love for animals and strives daily to learn something new. At a young age she started working with animals , a former 4-H member from 2001-2003. She showed sheep, rabbits and guinea pigs. She graduated from Arts & Technology High School in 2009. She started pursuing her dream of working in the veterinary field by going to Carrington College in 2010 and graduating in 2011 with a certificate in Veterinary Assisting. She has proudly volunteered over 300 hours at multiple PAWS spay and neuter events, clinics and local shelters. She has always been a true animal advocate and plans to continue her education in the near future by pursuing Animal Cruelty Police Work. Misty has been a proud member of Berry Hill Veterinary Center since June 2011 and loves every minute of it. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family which includes her husband Micah, son Jayden and her fur-babies; Kiana, Lil Bud, Kiki Mow and Buster Brown. She looks forward to meeting you and your furry family member in the near future.    
  • Genelle Veterinary Assistant

  • Jessica Veterinary Assistant

    Growing up in the Midwest, Jessica knew from a very young age that she wanted to work with animals. Her parents helped to nurture her dream by buying her animal medical books and supporting her at every turn. When she was 15, she landed her first veterinary job doing kennel work at a local clinic every day after school. From there, she continued to expand her knowledge and skills, and eventually she became a veterinary assistant. In 2006, she made the big move from her hometown in Iowa to Portland, where she attended Apollo College and graduated with a Veterinary Assistant Certificate in 2008. She's been a Portland resident ever since, and loves every weird minute of it. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, camping, seeing live music, learning new things, cooking, and hanging out with her amazing friends and family. She has two silly cats named Luna and Vaughn, whom she loves to pieces. She's been working at Berry Hill Vet Center since August 2014 and she can't wait to get to know all of the clientele and their wonderful pets! 
  • Julie Veterinary Assistant

    (Set to the tune of “Small Town Girl” by Journey)


    Julie was a small town girl, living in a lonely world. 

    So she took the midnight train going anywhere.

    Rico was a city cat, born and raised in South Spokane. 

    Took the midnight train going to the shelter. 


    Strangers waiting, walking down the shelter hall,

    Her shadow’s searching for who’s right.

    In sight, a cat jumps into motion

    They find each other in the light.


    Worked hard in her career, was a baker for a year.

    But Rico bet everything to help her rejoin this field.

    Had some wins, had some blues, now Rico just wants to play and snooze.

    Hope the playing never ends, but it goes on and on and on and on.


    Don't stop believing, hold on to that feline.

    Cats for life, people!

    Don't stop believing, hold on.

    Cats are life, people!


    Don't stop believing, hold on to that feline

    Cats are life, people, ohh!

  • Katy Client Care Representative

    Katy is a bright, caring character who has been with our team at Berry Hill Veterinary Center since May 2013 when she to moved to Oregon from Bremerton, WA. She started her career in the Vet field in 2009 in Poulsbo while still a senior in High School. She has always had a passion for helping animals, starting with volunteering at the age of nine for the non-profit Horse Rescue Foundation; Harmony Farms. From there, her joy of working with horses branched out to smaller critters which included the farm's dog. She began pursuing  a degree in Early Childhood Education but soon realized her heart was in the veterinary field. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her friends and family, which includes her partner Victor and their fur-children; Gizmo, Rylee and Katie. She also enjoys visiting friends and family back in WA as frequently as possible. She looks forward to meeting you and your furry friends!
  • Chelsea Client Care Representative

    Chelsea has been with our clinic since June of 2014. Her background has mostly been in the food industry, but she has always had a love for animals. She owns a black lab named Remmy, a golden retriever elkhound mix named Mia as well as her new addition a domestic long hair named Frankie. The vet industry has always been appealing to Chelsea and she is very happy to be apart of helping all animals and their families.